1. Absolutely no electronic accessories of any kind are permitted to be accessed for communication or worn as headgear during a match. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. Headphones, earphones, or earplugs of any kind. Medically required hearing aids are accepted.
    2. Cell phones, pagers, or music devices of any kind, including Bluetooth and wireless phone accessories, whether turned on or not. Cell phones may be worn on the belt or kept in pockets, but may not be accessed for messages or conversations:
      • at any time during a match by singles or scotch doubles players;
      • during the player's game in team play.
  2. During a match, all audible ringers and other notification tones must be turned off while on the tournament floor. Please be considerate of all players by keeping your devices silent whenever you are on the floor, regardless of whether you are involved in a match.
  3. Communications for medical or other emergencies are permitted at any time.